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Card Fictions

Seven performance pieces with an ordinary deck.

35 Euro

In Order to Amaze

A collection of memorized-deck magic.

52 Euro

Card Fictions + In Order to Amaze

Order both books as package and save almost 10%.

80 Euro

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Card Fictions

Seven performance pieces
with an ordinary deck

»A triumph of brevity, creativity and quality from beginning to end.«
— Eric Mead (Genii magazine)

»This stuff is beyond clever.«
— Max Maven

»High-caliber thinking at its best. Highly recommended.«
— Michael Close (MAGIC magazine)

»Somebody like Pit Hartling comes along only once in twenty years – at best.«
— Roberto Giobbi

»Quite simply one of the best card books I’ve read in years.«
— Simon Aronson

The 2018 edition of »Card Fictions« contains a number of minor (and one major) handling-updates.  For details see here.

In Order to Amaze

A collection of
memorized deck magic

»Don’t let the subtitle ›A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic‹ fool you: this book is of tremendous value to anyone who’s interested in clever, artful card magic – regardless of whether or not you ever use a memorized deck«
Simon Aronson

»In the first years after ›Mnemonica‹ there were many contributions in form of ideas and tricks by many magicians, but without a doubt, the most coherent and creative corpus, the most distinct and profound work were the effects created and published by Pit.«
Juan Tamariz

»What are you waiting for?
Buy this book.«
John Lovick, Genii Magazine
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»Pit Hartling is one of the best card magicians on the planet.«
»A work that bears the Hartling stamp.«
»A fantastic achievement.«
Jared Kopf, MAGIC Magazine
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»I will make this a short review: You need this book; you’ll love this book; you’ll learn from this book; and you’ll add routines from this book to your repertoire. That’s it. Close the magazine, get on the Internet, and buy a copy.«
»In Order to Amaze packs into its 252 pages more useful, thoughtful, ingenious content than a thousand one-trick DVDs.«
»In Order to Amaze is extraordinary. I give it my highest recommendation.«
— Michael Close, M-U-M
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»Darauf haben die Fans von Pit Hartling lange gewartet. Und das Warten hat sich mehr als gelohnt«
»Zauberbücher dieser Qualität sind heutzutage rar gesät«
»Durchweg hochklassiges A-Material«
»Ein Muss«
Gerhard Dutschke, ALADIN
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»Simply put, a wonderful book on every level.«
»Everything about this book exudes quality«
»The routines are all universally excellent«
»I just love Pit’s ability to turn even the most potentially boring card ›experiment‹ into a funny, engaging, lay-people-pleasing piece of entertainment«
»For goodness sake, just go and buy this book!«
Mark Leveridge, Magicseen
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»Nothing short of exceptional.«
»I have seen Pit perform many of these in person – all jaw-dropping effects that leave even veteran magicians clapping and whistling.«
»If you use any stack at all, this will help you get the most out of it.«
»An outstanding addition to your library.«
»Highly recommended.«
Rolando Santos, The Linking Ring
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