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»Wow. Let me say that again: Wow!
Totally mind-blowing and hugely
entertaining.« — Magic Magazine

A performance by Pit Hartling is the perfect highlight for any gala event. For one hour, the laws of nature seem to be suspended: Money increases, solid objects dissolve into nothing, a table suddenly floats in mid air, borrowed wedding bands link together, and almost in passing Pit Hartling actually reads your mind.

Whether on stage or in parlour, Pit Hartling’s shows combine intelligent comedy and incredible conjuring. In addition to select classics of magic the repertoire also contains personal creations that are unique in the world.

Pit Hartling’s methods are incredible sleight of hand, quick wit and applied psychology. And in case this is any consolation: Some of his pieces are a complete mystery even for his fellow magicians.

From a quick spot to a full-evening show, from small private performance to a big corporate event, the program will be custom-made for your occasion. For gala events we recommend an interactive show of forty-five to sixty minutes. All performances are suitable for international audiences and are possible in German, English and Spanish.


»So unterhaltsam haben Sie Zauberkunst auf höchstem Niveau noch nie gesehen!«
— Frankfurter Rundschau

»Fassungsloses Staunen«
— Fränkische Landeszeitung

»So geistreich und witzig, dass sich die TV-Comedians vor ihm ehrfurchtsvoll in den Staub werfen müssten «
— Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Selbst Kennern bleiben Augen und Münder offen!«
— Fachzeitschrift »MAGIE«

»Ein großer Meister der Illusionskunst«
— Badische Zeitung

»Ein Abend voll geistreichem Witz und perfekter Zauberkunst, unfassbar, aufgeweckt, lustig und ungemein unterhaltsam.«
— Mannheimer Morgen

»Wer Hartling zuschaut, gerät allmählich in Atemnot. Vor Lachen und vor Staunen.«
— Die Zeit

»Wie zur Hölle macht er das?«
— Frankfurter Neue Presse

Magic Circle

For smaller groups Pit Hartling presents the MAGIC CIRCLE: In this extraordinary show-format up to fifty guests experience select pieces of magic from up close. Casually gathered around a table, spectators become participants and within seconds the whole group is abuzz with incredulous laughter and amazement.

The situation creates a unique dynamic – Pit Hartling’s conjuring and energy transforms the MAGIC CIRCLE into a veritable magical happening. Next to his stage shows, the MAGIC CIRCLE is the most intense way to witness Pit Hartling’s conjuring. The MAGIC CIRCLE is the perfect group-experience and will be truly unforgettable!

Business Magic

Get your message across

You want to feature a product or service in an intelligent and memorable way?
Your event is to convey a certain message?
You are looking for a catchy idea to spice-up your tradeshow appearance?

Pit Hartling will help you develop the perfect »magical« solution.


The interactive show on your screen: Pit Hartling brings the magic into your home!

In his innovative live-format, runner-up world champion of magic Pit Hartling will amaze you and your guests directly through your screen: Whether as the highlight of your virtual corporate event, as an unusual gift for your birthday guests, or simply a fun experience with your family and friends – Pit Hartling’s Online-Magic Show is great fun and connects people!

Experience Pit Hartling live and interactive in your living-room. You will receive your personal mystery-set, with props to use during the show.

In a charming “séance” at candlelight we will receive spirit messages from famous personalities of world-history, we will make use of the group’s swarm-intelligence to solve an unsolvable problem, amazing things will suddenly occur in your own hands, and eventually you will even do some magic yourself (without even knowing how you did it)!

An object magically moves over many miles of distance, at some moments you determine the course of the show – and even after you have already logged out again, a little extra surprise will happen in your home.

Pit Hartling’s Online-Magic is the perfect group-activity. An amazing and entertaining show that gives everyone the best seat in the house!  (And for once, nobody has to come on stage! ;-))

Duration: Ca. 1h
Number of participants: 10 – 500
Technical requirements: Laptop or Mac/PC


Corporate (selection):
Citibank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Langtec, Esatus, Accenture, Cancom, Siemens,
Brüel & Kjær Vibro, Horvath & Partners, Veeva, Vibracoustic, Cassini, DB Netze